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About Us

I created this site mainly because I was tired of constantly having to manually change my band's third-party hosted web site calendar page with new events. Even though for many bands this is a good problem to have, it was a cumbersome enough task that our calendar page was frequently not up to date. Like many bands, we have other day jobs and family tasks that interfere with keeping good web site maintenance.

I'm a software developer/web designer by day and decided to create our own web site with a database backend that would automatically show up to date information without having to manually modify HTML code. I just pop in the event details -- date, time, venue -- into the database and let the site handle organization and formatting of the calendar. As one of my bandmates is fond of saying, it "Worked like a champ!".

As the techie of our band, I also keep track of other technical aspects of the band, such as income and expenses for each gig played and other notes. I thought, wouldn't it be great to have this information available for all members of the band through our web site. Of course, this couldn't be made public, so I made this information available through a login/authentication process.

Then came other aspects of the site, like making song information available to the band, such as lyrics, music charts, reference recordings. Then came other things; contact and venue management to help with booking and marketing our band, among other things.

The next step seemed obvious. Why not make this available to other bands? Give them the ability to create their own pages and host their site for them. Create new page types, such as news or blog pages, band member spotlight pages, or media pages. The possibilities could be endless, but hey, we are musicians after all, so how far you take it is completely up to you.